Willowbrook: You Are Legend.

Willowbrook family,

The way you have embraced me, Mandy, Josie and Rece has been nothing short of…legendary. I will tell the tale of your goodness and kindness to us for as long as I live! It will live on in history as a stunning display of the love of God for His people in His church by His blood! We have already connected with so many great people and we look forward to growing close to many, many more of you.

In addition, you (especially parents) will be proud to know that your teenagers have accepted, loved and supported us during our transition into your ministry. From kind words, to babysitting, to food for our pantry, to a nice “welcome to the youth group” gag in our front yard (thanks Senior guys), they have risen to the occasion and represented our Lord, your family and our church very well.

We will hold dear these first memories we’ve made here and look forward with joy and eager anticipation to what’s ahead. We are here to serve you and our Lord Jesus. Let’s labor together, worship together, grow together and carry as many of the lost to heaven as we can!

Much love,

The Bedingfields


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