Sick And Saved

In a foreign country with a foreign disease that has a 65-90 percent mortality rate. That was the plight of 2 American doctors earlier this month. They had contracted Ebola while serving others less fortunate in west Africa. Dr. Kent Brantley and Dr. Nancy Writebol were placing the needs, health and well-being of others above... Continue Reading →

5 Lessons Learned By A New Huntsvillian

Now that we live here, I'm finding that I love me some Huntsville, Alabama. Although, I officially live in Hampton Cove. Which is kinda officially the OXR. Which is to say "Owens Cross Roads" in an ultra cool way that sounds like you're ahead of the zeitgeist. This city is such a unique place. A... Continue Reading →

Stand With Our Iraqi Family

In case you weren't aware, there is anarchy in Iraq. Last week, as terrorists took over, the condition of the country deteriorated. Our brothers and sisters, Iraqi believers, are being executed, severely attacked and driven out of their homes. They are begging for our intercession on their behalf before our almighty God. According to Christianity... Continue Reading →

Feeling Linky, Punk? 8.8.14

Here's some links you may like I stumbled upon recently: Remember AOL? They are still making bucks because of the simple fact that people have forgotten them. Many still have subscriptions but don't realize they are still connected. Check out the story: 2.34 million people are still paying AOL 20 bucks a month | The Verge.... Continue Reading →

Wind and Waves

When calm gives way to calamity And foaming wakes of fury Roaring with deafening defiance Agitating our souls His children may lose sight of Him   When swelling seas surround And the torrent becomes torturous Mindful are they of their Master Despite fray and disarray Wind and waves obey   When salty seaside breezes caress And tides... Continue Reading →

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