Wind and Waves

When calm gives way to calamity

And foaming wakes of fury

Roaring with deafening defiance

Agitating our souls

His children may lose sight of Him


When swelling seas surround

And the torrent becomes torturous

Mindful are they of their Master

Despite fray and disarray

Wind and waves obey


When salty seaside breezes caress

And tides subside

Waves curl in beauty once more

And the rip current relents

Now glad splashing on battered stone and shell




He who spoke them into being commands them

Into the quiet heaviness of His presence

Grateful are we for His gales of grace

See Him once again

Wind and waves obey


When Spinning Chaos Comes

When spinning chaos comes we hide, sigh

A wake of folded, crumpled memories left behind

In piles of mangled metal, wood, brick and mortar

Mud stained clothes and toys

Strewn photographs, trees and tears litter

Where structure stood.


When spinning chaos comes we have relief

As Grace tracks it away from our street

Sparing some of loss and lives

We emerge thankful although hurting

For those suffering and enduring

Where their lives stood.


When spinning chaos comes the King is near

Who knows our pain and dissolves our fear

With boots on the ground and knees bent true

He will rescue and heal

He will stand and be their true dwelling

A strong tower where their lives and homes stood.