Our Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria Need Jesus Too.

Paul said in Romans that it was his ambition to preach where Christ was not already named.  He was obedient to take the gospel to people and not just invite them to an event or program.  As it was with Paul, so let it be with us.  Let us not be slow to take the... Continue Reading →

The Ukraine Mission 2010

We just arrived home from Kiev, Ukraine and my data services are back to flowing like the mighty Mississip.  It has been both refreshing and sobering to experience God on this trip.  We were well spent for Him, no doubt. We are physically drained but Spiritually rejuvenated. One of my favorite quotes of the trip... Continue Reading →

Life Is Reverb

I used to always resist the bandwagon or trend as long as possible as a teenager and collegiate.  Now I find myself sipping a latte' at a Starbucks while on my laptop simultaneously checking my Twitter and Facebook accounts all the while listening to music from my iPod.  I've come a long way from my... Continue Reading →

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