Our Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria Need Jesus Too.

Paul said in Romans that it was his ambition to preach where Christ was not already named.  He was obedient to take the gospel to people and not just invite them to an event or program.  As it was with Paul, so let it be with us.  Let us not be slow to take the gospel with us.  Who would  leave something so precious in one place?  If Christ has transformed our lives in a miraculous way then He is worth the efforts to take Him to the nations…and our own nation.

We will travel a little over 5 hours tomorrow to take this message to people who desperately need to hear it.  Lost  people.  Funny how I was on a team who did the same thing a little over a week ago…but to a country around the world.  Do you know who we were trying to reach?  Lost people.  Just like the lost people who you passed on the road today.  Just like the lost people you work or go to school with.

Let us be so consumed with Christ that He literally causes us to see spiritual needs here at home, regionally and across the globe.  Let us “live in view of God’s mercy” each day.  Let us be aware of the lostness that exists here in the States.  Let us have the compassion of Christ.  A compassion that drives us into a head on collision with the lives of others.  May the impact of that collision be one of God’s love and grace lavishly  offered to those people in our lives.

He is all we have to offer.  No matter where you are – at home or abroad.  Jesus is all we have to give.

Pray for us.



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