What You’re Missing.

In a world where Contemporary Christian Music is so predictable you can quite literally finish chord progressions and lyrics to a song as you listen to it the first time, there is also the world of Christian Rap.   Artists like Lecrae, Trip Lee, Shai Linne and Flame are not only spitting mad rhymes but... Continue Reading →

He Has A Blog?

Despite my absence from posting any blog entries for a while, my life has continued. While many things are launched with high expectations and quickly fade, my blog went from mediocre at best to nil at warp speed. My apologies to both my faithful readers (my mom and...me). While you're here... Let's not dis' Valentine's... Continue Reading →

The Abnormal

No one likes to think of themselves as normal.  If we are truly emulating Christ should we be labeled by others as "normal"?  Do you see yourself as a normal person?  Do I? Christians as a people should be as normal as a eating, breathing, walking corpse.  That's what we are. Absolutely nothing in the Christian... Continue Reading →

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