Feeling Linky, Punk? 1.8.15

Feeling Linky, Punk? Here's some links and vids you may have missed recently: Some well-meaning, green-seeking folks in Texas built a tiny, eco-friendly house, only to have it stolen from them! Thieves steal house - New York News. Ok, so 12 monkeys want to control the lighting inside your home while you watch TV...cool? Cool. Trippy: '12... Continue Reading →

Feeling Linky Punk? 6.13.14

Cool links for those who feel linky... The Millennium Falcon Strikes Back! Harrison Ford (Han Solo) injured his ankle this week. A door on his prized ship maimed him during the filming of Star Wars: Episode VII. Maybe a Jedi mind trick can help the pain? Harrison Ford Injured on set of Star Wars. Marty... Continue Reading →

Feeling Linky, Punk? 5.12.14

Feeling linky, punk? Here's some dope links for those who are: Think you don't need sleep? Think again. 50 Good Reasons To Sleep Longer. Omsignal Smart Shirt.  - Finally! If we aren't already connected enough here's a "smart shirt" for only $199 that acts as a "dashboard" for your life. It measures how your body responds to, well,... Continue Reading →

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