Feeling Linky, Punk? 1.8.15

Feeling Linky, Punk? Here's some links and vids you may have missed recently: Some well-meaning, green-seeking folks in Texas built a tiny, eco-friendly house, only to have it stolen from them!¬†Thieves steal house - New York News. Ok, so 12 monkeys want to control the lighting inside your home while you watch TV...cool? Cool.¬†Trippy: '12... Continue Reading →

Every New Day

A pivotal band in my life, Five Iron Frenzy, has an old song about growing up, getting older and recapturing the newness found in Jesus. Healing, help and true life are found in His grace. Some may have forgotten or neglected this freedom found in the gospel. I know I desperately need reminding of His... Continue Reading →

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