Feeling Linky, Punk? 1.8.15

Feeling Linky, Punk? Here's some links and vids you may have missed recently: Some well-meaning, green-seeking folks in Texas built a tiny, eco-friendly house, only to have it stolen from them! Thieves steal house - New York News. Ok, so 12 monkeys want to control the lighting inside your home while you watch TV...cool? Cool. Trippy: '12... Continue Reading →

Every New Day

A pivotal band in my life, Five Iron Frenzy, has an old song about growing up, getting older and recapturing the newness found in Jesus. Healing, help and true life are found in His grace. Some may have forgotten or neglected this freedom found in the gospel. I know I desperately need reminding of His... Continue Reading →

A Day in December

It must have been heartbreaking to witness. A young mother-to-be, "great with child", searching for a single moment of comfort after a long journey only to find none. Ready to give birth but with no vacancy to be found for her and her growing family. Nevertheless, God would fit the Gateway to eternity inside an unlikely crib that day so that... Continue Reading →

Students Follow People, Not Programs

Some good thoughts for me and my fellow Youth Pastors…

In The huddle

“Follow me as I follow Christ”  is what Paul encouraged to the Corinthian church. Jesus said it to his disciples as well “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men” in the gospel of Mark. The commonality in both of those statements? People are encouraged to follow, as long as it’s pointing to Christ.

Students are attracted to your programs, but it’s not what will make them stick. What makes a student stick? Relationships. People connecting with other people as they follow Christ together in community. Today I propose a few ways to connect your students to people, not just your programs:

  1. Campus Ministry: One of the greatest ways to connect students with people and not just programs is to connect with them outside of the programmed time…on their turf. Being on a local middle/high school does just that. You can’t take your Wednesday Night worship service to…

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Gulf Restaurant Confessions

I've been to the Gulf of Mexico beaches during peak summer months and attempted to eat at a restaurant like many other Southerners. I've endured the chaos, mind-numbing wait times in small confined places or outdoors in the humid, scorching heat. This is my confession as aggregated and exaggerated from many failed and successive dining... Continue Reading →

Autumn’s Gospel

Rich, vibrant hues overtake the sky and landscape during autumn. The muggy thickness of a sweltering summer sweeps away for an atmosphere of crisp, cool vibrance. There is finally relief from the taxing heat that beats down for so long. Just in time. Then there is a burst, a celebration, of life and color. Trees go from... Continue Reading →

Feeling Linky, Punk? 9.15.14

Feeling linky? Here's some awesome stories and videos you may have missed over the past few weeks. Click and enjoy! Mario Brothers, with all sound effects, as played by a very talented violinist: Last month a Tsunami survivor who was lost from her family for 10 years was found and reunited with her loved ones: Tsunami Survivor... Continue Reading →

Sick And Saved

In a foreign country with a foreign disease that has a 65-90 percent mortality rate. That was the plight of 2 American doctors earlier this month. They had contracted Ebola while serving others less fortunate in west Africa. Dr. Kent Brantley and Dr. Nancy Writebol were placing the needs, health and well-being of others above... Continue Reading →

5 Lessons Learned By A New Huntsvillian

Now that we live here, I'm finding that I love me some Huntsville, Alabama. Although, I officially live in Hampton Cove. Which is kinda officially the OXR. Which is to say "Owens Cross Roads" in an ultra cool way that sounds like you're ahead of the zeitgeist. This city is such a unique place. A... Continue Reading →

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