Month: April 2014

Jesus the Bassmaster…sort of

And when he had finished speaking, he said to Simon, “Put out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.” And Simon answered, “Master, we toiled all night and took nothing! But at your word I will let down the nets.” And when they had done this, they enclosed a large number of fish, and their nets were breaking. They signaled to their partners in the other boat to come and help them. And they came and filled both the boats, so that they began to sink. Luke 5:4-7


Jesus is better than us at our careers. Jesus is better than us at doing our jobs we’ve received years of training for. Jesus knows more about what we do than we do.

Here Jesus is not just telling but showing us how fish are caught. We know that when Jesus calls us as his disciples he promises to make us fishers of men. He makes us fishermen. It is a transformational work of God, not of ourselves (lest any of us should boast). In Luke, Jesus schools the professionals on how to do their own jobs. They had given it their best, professional shot. They toiled all night with nothing to show for it. In their eyes there was no way to have success and even briefly questioned Jesus concerning his command to drop the nets again. They questioned Jesus, who had more than a little to do with the laws of physics keeping the boat on top of the water, who created  bodies of water complete ecological life and who also intricately, wonderfully “knitted” Peter together in his mother’s womb. You see, Christ is the one who shows us where and how to fish for men. He has authority. He is intimately aware of those around us daily and holds the key for us “fishing” effectively. He can do your job and lead your life better than you or I can.

God sovereignly gives us opportunities in quickly-passing moments with strangers and life-long relationships with close friends to “catch” people with his gospel. This is deeply true of every waking moment of our lives as believers.

The obedience of Simon Peter and the others brought about a huge catch that day. There were so many fish that they almost sank! Help was needed from another boat to wrangle all of the massive catch! This brought Peter to his knees, acknowledging his sin and need. When Jesus directs us and we obey, he takes care of the rest. And we are put in our place: at His feet.

Prepare your heart for a catch. Expect God to work. Let Jesus lead and guide your heart this week wherever you find yourself. He knows where to let down the nets. There’s no need to fear. He is the Master Fisherman.


My Soundtrack For Missions

We’ve all had music in our head. We walk to the beat. We pretend the rhythm is the commentary on whatever we’re doing or thinking. Swelling chord progressions and shredding solos can send us to millions of places in our minds. Feelings of worship, excitement, drama or lamentations can overcome us when we “hear” the music we love in our mind’s ear. With that said, Lecrae’s “Tell The World” has been the soundtrack of my heart as our church spent the past week in Costa Rica. If Holy Hip Hop isn’t your thing, give it a chance. Check out the powerful lyrics below the video. Lecrae has a way of making God and His mission look so glorious, because it is. God’s gospel is “good news”. If it’s that good to us we should “Tell the world”!



Now, I’mma tell the world, tell ‘em
I’mma tell it everywhere I go
Tell the world, tell ‘em
Yeah, I’m a billboard
Tell the world, tell ‘em
And I’m broadcastin’ like a radio
Tell the world
You ought to know, I’m brand new

I know one thing’s true: I don’t even really deserve to know you
But, I-I’m a witness that you did this, and I’m brand new
So, I-I’m ready to go, and I’mma tell the world what they need to know
A slave to myself, but you let me go, I tried getting high but it left me low
You did what they could never do
You cleaned up my soul and
Gave me new life – I’m so brand new
And that’s all that matters
I-I ain’t love you first, but you first loved me
In my heart I cursed you, but you set me free
I gave you no reason to give me new seasons, to give new life, new breathing
But you hung there bleedin’, and ya’ died for my lies and my cheatin’, my lust and my greed, (and Lord!)
What is a man that you mindful of him?
And what do I have to deserve this lovin’?

Tryna make the moments last
Holdin’ on to the past
But, like a hero in a dream
Christ came, and he rescued me

Now, I’mma tell the world,
Tell the world, tell ‘em
I’mma tell it everywhere I go
Tell the world, tell ‘em
Yeah, I’m a billboard
Tell the world, tell ‘em
And I’m broadcastin’ like a radio
Tell the world
You ought to know, I’m brand new

I can’t offer you nothin’, but your care & kindness keeps comin’
And your love is so unconditional, I get butterflies in my stomach
I got the old me in the rearview, now the new me got a clear view
And I was so dead, I couldn’t hear you, too deep in sin to come near you
But you drew me in, you cleaned me up, so take me home, beam me up
Before you do, just let me tell the truth, and let these folks know that I done seen ya’ love
And it’s everlasting, infinite, it goes on and on, you can’t measure it
Can’t quench ya’ love, they can’t separate us from the love of God, there’s no estimate
My face look the same, my frame ain’t rearranged, but I’m changed; I promise I ain’t the same
Your love’s so deep you suffered and took pain, you died on the cross to give me a new name
Ain’t nothing like I’ve seen before, I got a beaming glow
I was low, down, and dirty, but you cleaned me, Lord
You adopted me, you keep rocking me
I’mma tell the world, and ain’t nobody stopping me!