A Day in December

It must have been heartbreaking to witness. A young mother-to-be, “great with child”, searching for a single moment of comfort after a long journey only to find none. Ready to give birth but with no vacancy to be found for her and her growing family. Nevertheless, God would fit the Gateway to eternity inside an unlikely crib that day so that heaven itself may be filled. And none would be turned away who enter by Him. What seemed tragic gave way to the triumphant.

What a humble entrance into finitude it was when “the word became flesh and dwelt among us”. The small, tender King’s first dwelling among us was that of a feeding trough for beasts. Beasts he created. Probably a filthy mess. No place for a King. But Jesus came to save people who are filthy and marred. Us. Cloaked in flesh He would remain clean, obedient. He would be the Bread of Life in that manger. That trough. And people who came to Him would never hunger or thirst again.

What a miraculous thing we celebrate in December! Heaven invaded earth. The Author entered His epic story. The Creator stepped into His creation to save it. But this Baby who was born tender and mild would be the Man who would die brutally and torturously, forgotten by His Father. Ultimately, this day in December is not really about a day. It’s about forever. Eternity. It’s about how God so loved that he gave us Himself. The greatest gift of all. A gift that should change all of our days. Jesus.


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