Autumn’s Gospel

Rich, vibrant hues overtake the sky and landscape during autumn. The muggy thickness of a sweltering summer sweeps away for an atmosphere of crisp, cool vibrance. There is finally relief from the taxing heat that beats down for so long. Just in time.

Then there is a burst, a celebration, of life and color. Trees go from something common to something breathtaking. The leaves foreshadow the beauty and freshness of spring with every burnt orange, bright yellow and blazing red imaginable. Even their crunch beneath a foot tells a story. The sky is on fire each evening as the sun dismisses itself from its low course. An entire spectrum is revealed. A gorgeous gift. It is all something of a grand finale for a time of year. And it’s beautiful.

Even after autumn has fell, while the world around us goes dormant, there is a promise.  One of new life and color coming in the months ahead. Hope in the midst of gray. The joy and freshness of this promise is sometimes obscured, forgotten in the depths of winter. Yet even during the depressing depths of the harshest cold, roots still run deep. Life is gathering beneath the surface, waiting for the right time. Shape and form remain, giving a glimpse of what’s to come. At the proper time the renaissance of spring commences, bursting forth the same color and life that bade our fall farewell.

There is a designed beauty in nature’s way of change this time of year. There is a kind of death for it, but only a brief one. Soon comes a glorious rebirth marking new purpose, a resurrection of beauty. And that is autumn’s gospel.


*photo courtesy of Jim Spann


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