Stand With Our Iraqi Family

In case you weren't aware, there is anarchy in Iraq. Last week, as terrorists took over, the condition of the country deteriorated. Our brothers and sisters, Iraqi believers, are being executed, severely attacked and driven out of their homes. They are begging for our intercession on their behalf before our almighty God. According to Christianity... Continue Reading →

Feeling Linky, Punk? 8.8.14

Here's some links you may like I stumbled upon recently: Remember AOL? They are still making bucks because of the simple fact that people have forgotten them. Many still have subscriptions but don't realize they are still connected. Check out the story: 2.34 million people are still paying AOL 20 bucks a month | The Verge.... Continue Reading →

Wind and Waves

When calm gives way to calamity And foaming wakes of fury Roaring with deafening defiance Agitating our souls His children may lose sight of Him   When swelling seas surround And the torrent becomes torturous Mindful are they of their Master Despite fray and disarray Wind and waves obey   When salty seaside breezes caress And tides... Continue Reading →

Cornering The Everywhere God

With a few sentences below, John Stott helps us see the futility of backing God into our own little corner. How can I corner, limit or box-in a God who is omnipresent? It seems ridiculous but I try. Chances are you try too. I must always let Him be who He is - no manipulation, no... Continue Reading →

Letters To Kim Jong Un – Missions Monday

What would you say to someone who has imprisoned and tortured 30,000 of your brothers and sisters in Christ? That's exactly what North Korean President, Kim Jong Un, has done to those in his country who confess Jesus as their Lord. For example, according to "Voice of the Martyrs" website: “A witness saw a young... Continue Reading →

The Last and Least

The first and most. These two words define our world. They defined me in my past and still cry out from my flesh. They blind us of the glory of the gospel. A gospel that wants to turn our value system upside down. Being "first and most" fits in with a modern view of success and importance.... Continue Reading →

Feeling Linky Punk? 6.13.14

Cool links for those who feel linky... The Millennium Falcon Strikes Back! Harrison Ford (Han Solo) injured his ankle this week. A door on his prized ship maimed him during the filming of Star Wars: Episode VII. Maybe a Jedi mind trick can help the pain? Harrison Ford Injured on set of Star Wars. Marty... Continue Reading →

What Millennials Want In Leaders

I am called to minister to the largest generation since the "Baby Boomers". The Millennials (those born between 1980 and 2000) are close to my heart as I fall into the older side of that generation. But you know, not "old" old. So I am reaching out to my own. With that in mind I... Continue Reading →

Beauty Is A Beast

It's not a typo. I mean "beast" in the way the cool kids do. My wife and I had a conversation recently about beauty. It was awesome. After 12 years of marriage and nearly 15 ministering to young adult women and teenage girls, the following is what we discovered. Beauty is a beast to figure out.... Continue Reading →

Feeling Linky, Punk? 5.12.14

Feeling linky, punk? Here's some dope links for those who are: Think you don't need sleep? Think again. 50 Good Reasons To Sleep Longer. Omsignal Smart Shirt.  - Finally! If we aren't already connected enough here's a "smart shirt" for only $199 that acts as a "dashboard" for your life. It measures how your body responds to, well,... Continue Reading →

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