Cornering The Everywhere God

With a few sentences below, John Stott helps us see the futility of backing God into our own little corner. How can I corner, limit or box-in a God who is omnipresent? It seems ridiculous but I try. Chances are you try too. I must always let Him be who He is – no manipulation, no redefining, no opinions – just our God and Father as revealed in His word. Think about Stott’s brilliant words here:

“To localize God, confining Him within limits which we impose, whereas He is the Creator of the universe.

To domesticate God, making Him dependent on us, taming and taping Him, whereas He is the Sustainer of human life.

To alienate God, blaming Him for His distance and His silence, whereas He is the Ruler of nations, and not far from any of us.

To dethrone God, demoting Him to some image of our own contrivance or craft, whereas He is our Father from whom we derive our being.

In brief, all idolatry tries to minimize the gulf between the Creator and His creatures, in order to bring Him under our control.”

Help me, Lord, to see you as you truly are! Help me to allow you free reign in my heart! Run rampant in every corner of my life! In both places I’ve hidden and places in the shadows!


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