Feeling Linky, Punk? 5.12.14

Feeling linky, punk? Here’s some dope links for those who are:

Think you don’t need sleep? Think again. 50 Good Reasons To Sleep Longer.

Omsignal Smart Shirt.  – Finally! If we aren’t already connected enough here’s a “smart shirt” for only $199 that acts as a “dashboard” for your life. It measures how your body responds to, well, anything you throw at it.

Crazy…at the end of each day in Beijing,China, Kenny G’s “Going Home”  is looped and blared on loudspeakers as a city-wide call for everyone to close up and head home. And no one knows why. Check it at The Verge – Kenny G.

Check out these drones. No controversy here. Their mission is to sound amazing.


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