The Abnormal

No one likes to think of themselves as normal.  If we are truly emulating Christ should we be labeled by others as “normal”?  Do you see yourself as a normal person?  Do I?

Christians as a people should be as normal as a eating, breathing, walking corpse.  That’s what we are.

Absolutely nothing in the Christian life is normal or routine.  To live that way is pretty much looking at the acomplishment of Jesus on the cross and saying…”That’s ok.  That’s normal.  No biggie.”

It wasn’t normal.  It was miraculous.  Earth-shattering.  Unexplainable.  Life-changing.  Eternity altering.  Life-giving.  It was big.  Abnormal.

The degree of appreciation we have for what Jesus did on the cross is in direct  relation to the degree of abnormality in our lives.

What sets us apart?  How abnormal are we?

Apart from Christ we are dull, dried up, wretched, wicked and hopeless.  Cling to the Life-Giver.  Only in Him can we experience everything above and beyond the norm. 

The way.  The truth.  The life.  Jesus.

Be abnormal today. 



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