Thank you, Clements

Clements Baptist Church,

The way you have treated me and my family during this transition has been beyond our wildest expectations.  The love and support you have shown has done so much in nourishing our spirit.  Last Sunday was a “defining moment” in our life and ministry.  You will forever have our gratitude for the years we had spent there and especially for the launching of us into a new frontier over the past few weeks.  We will treasure every moment, especially those at the very end as we poured out our hearts to each other.

I will say this:  Don’t let your Pastor, church staff and other leaders go long without letting them know how you feel about them.  It will encourage and feed their soul, spurring them on to a greater understanding of their calling and ministry in our Lord.  It has done so for us.  Tell them soon…and often!

Thanks for all the cards, texts, comments, posts, gifts and prayers.  You truly have launched us in an unforgettable way.  We love you guys dearly.

Forever grateful,

Justin, Mandy, Josie and Rece


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