Shrugging At Brilliance

How can we shrug at the creative brilliance of God? Or say “meh” to magnificence? His handiwork in the things He has made demands a response: our pause, meditation and thankfulness for grace. Our worship. Those of us awestruck by creation see an artistry beyond comprehension. From the intricate detail of the tiny, fuzzy, creeping insect to the massive power of majestic mountain ranges cloaked in clouds: God is telling us about Himself. He is shouting it to us in claps of thunder and whispering it to us in Winter’s quiet cold.

Shrugging at such brilliance and mastery would not only be a commentary on our gratitude, but a statement about the Artist Himself. As if His grand work is not worthy of a second thought? This world is given as a testament to His love and goodness for us. Don’t miss opportunities to stop, ponder and worship the One who thought enough of us to plaster Himself all over this globe in beautiful green and blue.


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