The Candidate

Dear blogosphere, It's been too long.  So here we go. I was sitting on a very comfortable couch at Starbucks today doing some much needed preparation for a discipleship event at CBC in a few weeks.  My Zen Green Tea was ballin'. When I had finished it, the barista hooked me up with more hot... Continue Reading →

The Abnormal

No one likes to think of themselves as normal.  If we are truly emulating Christ should we be labeled by others as "normal"?  Do you see yourself as a normal person?  Do I? Christians as a people should be as normal as a eating, breathing, walking corpse.  That's what we are. Absolutely nothing in the Christian... Continue Reading →

Lawnmower Nostalgia

(*Pictured above is my favorite type of grass. Dead grass. Because me and dead grass get along great. Because I don't have to mow it. And it's ok with that. Dead grass is my jam.) While running in the summertime you can't help but smell those yards that have just been freshly cut.  The aroma... Continue Reading →

Life Is Reverb

I used to always resist the bandwagon or trend as long as possible as a teenager and collegiate.  Now I find myself sipping a latte' at a Starbucks while on my laptop simultaneously checking my Twitter and Facebook accounts all the while listening to music from my iPod.  I've come a long way from my... Continue Reading →

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