The Supremacy of God

What is man, that you make so much of him, and that you set your heart on him,  Job 7:17

A proper, high view of God completely squashes any and all selfishness in life. Both Job and David (Psalm 8:4) communicate this truth:  Who am I?

How can a question be a truth?  For me, the question is so powerful, because just as there are not enough words to describe our God there are not enough words to describe the depths of my need for him.  Who am I?

When the sovereignty and supremacy of God are on display in our lives our motives, thoughts and actions move toward godliness.  On the other hand, when we live as if we are owed something by a holy God our passions will always move towards ourselves.  And who am I?

Any view of God that isn’t scriptural (supreme and sovereign) leads to such a tainted view of ourselves and our circumstances.  The work of Christ is the beautiful, bloody demonstration of His “setting his heart” on us while we were dead, pulse-less, helpless and useless.  What have we done to deserve such an unwarranted, inexplicable act of love?  Who am I?

The true answer of who we are is an indictment on our depravity.  The true answer to who Jesus is reveals the beauty that despite me he loved me.  And who am I to have anything in this life?  Not only do I have  a Savior but a wife and children (I shall go to him...).  Not only that but a breath to breathe, an able body, a loving church family, shelter, food and health.

I enjoy the very communion with the Father that Jesus relinquished on the tree.  Why did he lose it all so that I might miraculously gain it?   Who am I?

If I fail to see God as supreme in my life, then I make myself supreme.  I am my god.  And if I’m supreme then I can’t have victory.  Praise be to God he reigns!  From everlasting to everlasting…You. Are. God.



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